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SG One Nomade

Expensive and difficult to manage, mobile access solutions address mainly large companies needs. Today, SG One Nomade democratizes them. Combining simplicity of implementation, of use and security of mobile access, mobile employees can now work remotely as simply as if they were connected on the corporate network. Their productivity is thus increased for a total cost of acquisition most competitive of the market.

SG One Nomade: the best solution to securise mobile access of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Conceived to ensure mobile connections to 25 simultaneous users, SG One Nomade is perfectly suited to the small structures. It allows a prolongation of the corporate network on itinerant stations, through a SSL virtual private network.

schéma sgone nomade

Easy access and without constraints

The solution SG One Nomade is based on SSL technology to transport the applicative flows. Using this technology, as opposed to IPSec, facilitates the access to applications.

Access via a standard Web browser

The connection to SSL platform is made in a very simple and completely transparent way for the users by the intermediary of a Web browser.
Employees can thus reach any company application (Web servers, E-mail servers, applications...) from any remote device: portable PC, personal PC, PC of cybercafé, PC installed at a customer, terminals of airport...

Securised remote access

Adapted access modes

  • The company applications installed on the mobile station (Outlook, Notes…) can be connected to the Intranet through a simple Web browser. This connection is ensured by an ephemeral client, who is used thus as relay, without specific need for installation.
  • Access via a station not managed by the company: the distant user reaches only the Web applications of the company (which they are internal or external) and the file servers.

Confidentiality of the exchanges

The traffic (passwords, files of session, enclosures, cookies, electronic messages...) is encapsulated in a tunnel SSL in order to ensure the exchanged data confidentiality.

Implementation simplified

SG One Nomade is designed to simplify and reduce work of the administrator, thus reducing the costs of deployment and exploitation.

Speed of installation

Thanks to an integrated installation wizard, a few minutes are enough for the implementation to the solution. In a very intuitive way via a simple Web page, the administrator defines in some clicks the service VPN which will allow the users identified to connect itself remotely to the corporate network.

Installation does not require broad understanding of security and network technologies.
In addition, NS One took extra care to ensure a seamless integration with Microsoft SBS, with which the majority of small and medium-sized companies are equipped.

Facilitated deployment

Delivered in the form of an appliance, SG One Nomade does not require any intervention on the mobile stations and implementation of application software.

Authentication and permissions management

SG One Nomade allows limiting the access to the resources according to users. The degree of confidence of a connection is thus function of the evaluated security of the distant user.

Use of the major authentication systems

SG One Nomade authorizes joint use of several authentication databases: LDAP directory, NTLM/SAMBA servers, Microsoft Active Directory, RADIUS server, Identity server (NS One).

Granular permissions management

SG One nomade provides administrators with the tools to define user profile and application authorizations policies

More informations

Typology of supported applications

  • Web clients : Web mail, file sharing, Web applications, Intranet or Extranet applications.
  • Web and Java clients: distant terminals, Web applications, Web mail, Telnet, emulation terminals, file sharing, Intranet or Extranet applications (Citrix, Windows Terminal Server, …).
  • Client/server with heavy clients having statics and configurables communication port (Outlook, Lotus, SAP, Tivoli, Citrix).
  • Any company application requiring a distant access and compatible with the VPN SSL architecture.


  • Implementation of the main authentication systems: clients with certificates X509, LDAP directory, NTLM, Microsoft Active Directory of Microsoft, Radius, Xelios.


  • Web administration interface to access in SSL to the whole of the applications of parameter setting, selection of the applications and definition of the authorizations and user profiles.
  • Automatic generation of HTML pages of the portal and access to the applications.
  • Skeleal management of the Logs of accesses and system, provided in a standard Web server and easily exploitable.

Network driver

  • Optionnal, it can be integrated in case of applications which cannot be relayed through the browser.
  • Supported OS : Windows 2000 SP4/XP/Serveur, Linux, Mac Os.

Technical caracteristics of the appliance

  • Construction: 1U Rackmount chassis, heavy-duty steel
  • Dimension : 426 (L) x 230 (P) x 43 (H) mm
  • System Control and Indicators: Power LED x 1 at front HDD Active LED x 1 at front ATX Power Switch x 1 at rear
  • Network : 4 Ethernet connections 100 Mpbs
  • Power Supply : 150W ATX - AC / DC 90 - 264V full range @47 - 63 Hz
  • Environment : Operating temperatures: 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage temperatures: -20°C to 80°C
  • Relative humidity: 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Certification : CE / FCC - ROHS


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