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NS One is a French publisher and vendor of application security solutions, with particularly well-developed expertise in the design of solutions for application security, analysis, monitoring and correlation of security, network and server logs (Security Information & Event Management).
Experience with security problems, acquired through major account work over many years, shows that an approach consisting of piling up security bricks to protect the enterprise Information System has reached its limits. In fact, networks are opening up more and more to facilitate and accelerate company business processes, and this has resulted in an explosion in the number of security breaches and a realization that the massive investments made in security equipment have been ineffective.

Furthermore, offerings that allow supervision and monitoring of infrastructure elements (Security Information & Event Management) are also showing their limits, since, in order to be relevant, the information transferred by these systems must take into account the context in which they were collected, in other words the type of application, the risk level and, more generally, the company’s objectives in the area of security (risk management). It is therefore clear that analysis of security events can only be relevant if it is strongly coupled to the security perimeter and equipment defined by these events.

Companies today are no longer looking for security technologies; they are looking for solutions to manage security in a given application context. In other words, they start with a project linked to their business, such as, for example, the setting up of roaming access, and integrate into their project a solution that will allow implementation of adequate security and monitoring of this security in function of the project context and associated risks. Consequently, roaming access security can not be treated in the same way as the security of a web or e-mail server.

NS One is an ideal provider of solutions for secured access to enterprise applications.

Relying on its know-how and the technologies it has developed, NS One guarantees its customers a high level of security that perfectly matches the incurred risks.

Thanks to a very modular technology, NS One builds solutions that are suited to its customers’ environment and needs. These solutions make it possible to administer and monitor application security in a relevant manner, by associating security technologies (IPS, authentication, etc.) on a common platform and by integrating a new approach in the area of security event correlation.

NS One offers an approach to IT application security that is resolutely efficient and unique in meeting the needs expressed by customers

Our solutions

While most publishers and manufacturers are limiting their scope, NS One is an actor with a specialized security solution that meets all business processes of the company.

business process

An all-in-one solution for application security

Logo SG One

Application security

A single solution allowing a full security of all segments of the application layer. Based on differents compatible modules, SG One secure the various access points to the enterprise’s Information System: e-mail, web, roaming access applications, etc…

Logo SG One Nomade

Nomade access security for small enterprises

unique solution for small offices, it allows the access to the applications wherever the users are. Based on VPN SSL, the application can be used directly in the user’s browser thanks to a webifier engine.

Global security supervision


LOG One is a solution for the centralization, analysis and correlation of security equipment, network and server logs. LOG One generates alerts, defines configurable control panels and automatically generates reports used for the implementation of recurrent procedures for the tracking and verification of security policy.


Telephone Support

Standard telephone support

The experts responsible for telephone support are available from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM by telephone at: +33(0) 892 701 278 or by e-mail: support[at]

NS One undertakes to meet the following conditions:

  • Taking of the call or e-mail within 15 minutes
  • Ticket registration within 2 hours
  • Call back within 4 hours
  • Escalation depending on the level of criticality

Silver telephone support

In addition to standard telephone support, NS One offers its customers:

  • An extension of its Monday to Friday hours to 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, through its partners
  • Two responses per month within 48 hours of initial call guaranteed by NS One

Gold telephone support

Coverage is extended to 24/7, with service commitments provided by NS One’s partner network.


NS One has created an intra-company training program that is delivered by NS One experts in these solutions.

The training program covers the key points in the successful implementation of NS One solutions. Intended for NS One solution users, it is strongly oriented toward practical cases. A theoretical approach to the security problems addressed by NS One solutions is also discussed.

To obtain pricing on training and the dates of the next sessions : formation[at]

Operationnal assistance

In cases of complex implementation or a specific project, NS One is able to support the customer through an Operational Monitoring Contract for the deployed security solution.

This service consists of specific and regular visits to the Customer’s site by an NS One engineer whose final goal is to prepare a functional report on the solution:

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics allows NS One to accelerate the problem resolution process. The NS One technical team provides, first by telephone and then by remote connection, support in qualifying the failures encountered while operating the equipment. This service excludes configuration and optimization of the architecture.

This service requires that the customer provide and install the equipment need to allow remote access to NS One’s teams.

Remote diagnostics assistance is available from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

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